Ecoregion as a Verb of Settlement Technology and Development

From 90’s to recent time, discursion of housing and settlement development had been transformed in line with the growth of discussion in social and ecological issue. One of awareness towards this phenomenon is shown with development and urbanization theme which had been brought by HABITAT III in 2016 as commitments of change towards sustainable city development based on integration of social, economic, and environmental dimension. In general those commitments are: (1) Sustainable city development for achieving social inclusion and alleviating poverty; (2) Sustainable and inclusive city welfare for all; (3) Environmentally sustainable and resilient city development.

Those agenda had been interpreted by countries in the world with varying contexts. In Indonesia, Bappenas had made national policy and strategy of city development 2015-2045 with ‘Sustainable and Competitive City’ through three main pillars. Those three main pillars are: appropriate city which is save and comfort, green city with resilience in climate and disaster, and competitive smart city based on technology. Meanwhile, development of settlement discursion as a habitat more emphasizes relation and network between physical and non-physical development, human and non-human which is more overlap in space manifestation. This thing reposition housing and settlement issue boundary into environmental sphere with wider scope.

HABITechno drives those issues development in corridor of housing and settlement innovation. Discussion about housing procurement had been produced a lot of method, technology, and construction management system which is followed by certain issue and impact. Decreasing of environmental quality, city and region expansion, and occupant life quality have a correlation with political, economic, social, and cultural factor as a setting from housing and settlement. Vulnerable environment and disaster issue also add complexity of multi-dimension housing and settlement issue. In global context, problem and consideration in housing and settlement development are inside of sustainable housing and settlement discussion frame. Concept of sustainable development is built based on three main pillars, economic sustainability, social sustainability, and environmental sustainability. All of those three must be achieved through planning, governance, good management, and appropriate technology development.

Innovative solution to achieve more integrated Sustainable Development through Ecoregion as a basis in Technology Development for Housing and Settlement Development.

Development of housing and settlement is in line with technology development in built environment. Therefore, technology development is one approach to solve issues in housing and settlement. Technology in housing and settlement is also helpful in solving important problem such as massive housing procurement, comfort and health provision for occupant in housing and settlement, environmental carrying capacity improvement, and community economic improvement.

Based on previous discussed background, HABITechno 3 will bring ‘ECOREGION AS A VERB OF SETTLEMENT TECHNOLOGY AND DEVELOPMENT’ as a theme. In this year, discussion will focus on ecological integration in technology development for housing and settlement development in order to achieve sustainable development based on regional characteristic.

Ecoregion is defined as geographical region which has climate, soil, water, flora and fauna similarity and pattern of human interaction with nature which shows integration between nature system and living environment. Through ecoregion, recent development problem which is too economic growth oriented and hadn’t put environment into an account could be solved.  Balancing economic growth and sustainable environment is needed in order to eliminate environmental damage caused by development acceleration. This balance is important for settlement development because settlement has the biggest percentage of space in urban area particularly, so that it could create a bigger impact to the environment.

Integration and comprehensive viewpoint is needed to achieve balance as well as ecosystem. Recent development always based on administrative and creates environmental problem (pollution, damage, etc) interregional and less coordination interregional. Meanwhile, ecoregion based planning is not following administrative boundary but region characteristic boundary. Through integrated ecoregion approach, each built environment development, housing and settlement in particular, will put consideration of interregional functional relation and landscape characteristic with its ecological function into an important aspect in order to accelerate achieving the aim of sustainable development

In order to achieve innovative solutions for solving housing and settlement problem, role of many parties such as government, practitioner, industry, and academician is needed. Therefore, beside as a discussion forum, HABITechno has aim to build connection between those four parties which could participate in this international conference.